Marshall – not showing at nearby theaters

A film about legendary black civil rights lawyer Thurgood Marshall, who won a landmark school desegregation decision before the US Supreme Court, is not being shown within a 50 mile radius of Williamsport. The film MARSHALL stars Chadwick Boseman, theĀ up and coming star in such films as Black Panther and 42. The film deals with Marshall’s life before he became famous.

The year end holiday season will soon be upon us and the cinema screens will be booked with major block busters. But maybe area screens can squeeze in this neat bio-drama about a real life African-American hero.


It’s been 2 years since my last blog.


Yep. I have been lazy and irresponsible. Sorry.

Quite frankly, I am not sure why I am holding onto the dream of establishing a film festival in Williamsport PA. The idea was appealing way back when… but now other projects have taken priority. BFF sits on the back burner.

No one is going to pay attention to this blog. Maybe I should let it go and move on.


Richard James
Founder, Billtown Film Festival