Billtown Film Festival in cooperation with the Williamsport DigiPlex Cinema Center management will be giving away 7 free passes to alternative events programs. These passes will be valid for 2014 (one pass per event).

The Williamsport Digiplex Cinema Center is not just about movies anymore. Because of their recent technological upgrades the downtown Williamsport movie theater can now offer alternative digital events, including ballet and opera performances, concerts, Broadway shows, sporting events, and special films and documentaries.

Click Leave a Reply and In comments section, answer the following question: “What actor played the title role in the classic movie, Citizen Kane?” The first seven people to correctly answer this bit of movie buff trivia will receive a free pass to an alternative event.

So if you want more than the typical comic book blockbuster action flick, you now have a range of new choices to choose from. There’s something for everybody! Check out what’s happening this month, April 2014!

Monday 4/14/2014 – The Current (Christian Film)

Wednesday 1/16/2014 – TCM presents And The Oscar Goes To (Documentary)

Thursday 4/17/2014 – The Current (Christian Film)

Friday – Thursday 4/18-4/24/2014 – Thank You for Judging (Film)

Sunday – 4/20/2014 – Moulin Rouge (Ballet)

Tuesday – 4/22/2014 – The Current (Christian Film)

Thursday – 4/24/2014 – Shatner’s World (Comedy Rated – R)

Saturday – 2/26/2014 – Cosi Fan Tutte (Met Opera – LIVE!)

Sunday – 2/27/2014 –  Kinderblock (Documentary)

Sunday – 2/27/2014 – Marco Spada (Ballet)

Tuesday – 2/29/2014 – Marco Spada (Ballet)

Wednesday – 2/30/2014 – Kinderblock (Documentary)

Wednesday – 2/30/2014 – Cosi Fan Tutte (Met Opera – ENCORE!)

Through a special arrangement with Williamsport DigiPlex, Billtown Film Festival will be giving away FREE Promotional Passes to these digital alternative events. The passes are valid for the year (for 2014- all alternative events- one event only per pass)

For more information about Alternative Events at Williamsport DigiPlex click here. Click on Alternative Events on menu bar or check the ads on right hand side of the webpage.

Cash for Kids goes to Washington

Csh for Kids at CAC

U.S. Senator Robert P. Casey’s office announced a screening of the documentary, Cash for Kids in Washington DC. We’re glad the Senator will be presenting the film on Wednesday April 9th at 6pm but we think Central Pennsylvanians are not going to drive 4 hours to see the movie. The good news is that Williamsport’s Community Arts Center will be screening it in May.

So if you can’t make the Senator’s showing, just wait a few weeks. We know the anticipation is unbearable but hang in there. It’ll be well worth the wait. Want to know more about Senator Casey’s screening? Click here.

Kids for Cash is the story of young people being harshly sentenced and incarcerated for minor and sometimes insignificant offenses by President Judge Mark Ciavarella in Luzerne County. Thousands of children were sent to a for-profit private owned institution… and the judge received monies for every kid he sent there. Directed by Robert May. Runtime: 142 minutes.

Indies Explosion in Williamsport, Pa.



Hey I got good news. There’s has been an explosion of independent movies on screens in Williamsport Pa.! Yep, that’s right. Indies! Movies are back in a big way in Billtown. And we are glad to see it. The James V. Brown Library has announced that they are participating in a special program sponsored the Sundance Institute and US federal cultural agencies to bring culturally enriching films across America. Check out their webpage here. So mark your calendar and explore the world of independent films. This is the kind of stuff you won’t see at your typical multiplex.

Here’s the lineup:

The World Before Her
Tuesday, April 15, 7-9 p.m., G-11, Heim Science Building, Lycoming College

If you Build It
Friday, April 18, 6-8 p.m., Lowry Theatre, Welch Wing, James V. Brown Library

Twenty Feet From Stardom
Tuesday, April 22, 6-9 p.m., Community Arts Center

Friday, April 25, 6-9 p.m., Lowry Theatre, Welch Wing, James V. Brown Library


Kids for Cash is coming to Williamsport

I am sure you have heard of the scandal by now. But in case you haven’t, here’s the gist of it: Teens and young adults received harsh sentences by a county court judge for minor offenses and insignificant crimes. It turns out the privately run institution that incarcerated the young people was paying bribe money to the judge! Thousands of kids were jailed, many lives were destroyed. One young man committed suicide… and the judge was eventually put behind bars.

Well, see the documentary, Kids For Cash at the Community Arts Center Thursday May 29th and Friday May 30th, 2014. 7pm both nights. Only 5 bucks!

Thursday, May 29 at 7:00pm
Friday, May 30 at 7:00pm
Rated PG-13
All tickets are $5 at the door

I’m ready for my close up Pittsburgh

Williamsport Pennsylvania needs a reality show. Pittsburgh is getting one. (Yeah, like they need another attention-grabbing resource.) The word is out that a reality show called The Chair is currently filming in the Steeltown and will be on a premium cable channel soon. The show will document the trials and tribulations of two film crews making movies based on the same script. The show will be centered in and around Pittsburgh, Pa. No news on when the show will air.

Check it out HERE