Harbinger Down coming to Williamsport?

Williamsport favorite son, Academy Award winner for special effects, Tom Woodruff, Jr. has new new movie coming out. It’s called Harbinger Down. The trailer looks scary. Reminds me of the “The Thing” except the location is on a a ship.

Tom and his partner Alec Gillis are graduates from the Stan Winston creature shop that gave the world such great monsters as Terminator, Predator and Alien. Now they operate their own creature shop, studioADI. They are trying to revive the art of practical creature effects. And bring more jobs back to Hollywood.

Computer Generated Images can give us fantastic impossible scenes but there is a quality of an actual lens capturing a real 3-dimensional object that is lost. I hope Tom and Alec are successful.

Lorena Beniquez of the Central Pennsylvania Film Office is hopeful that Tom will return home to show his film in Williamsport. We have our fingers crossed.