Cash for Kids goes to Washington

Csh for Kids at CAC

U.S. Senator Robert P. Casey’s office announced a screening of the documentary, Cash for Kids in Washington DC. We’re glad the Senator will be presenting the film on Wednesday April 9th at 6pm but we think Central Pennsylvanians are not going to drive 4 hours to see the movie. The good news is that Williamsport’s Community Arts Center will be screening it in May.

So if you can’t make the Senator’s showing, just wait a few weeks. We know the anticipation is unbearable but hang in there. It’ll be well worth the wait. Want to know more about Senator Casey’s screening? Click here.

Kids for Cash is the story of young people being harshly sentenced and incarcerated for minor and sometimes insignificant offenses by President Judge Mark Ciavarella in Luzerne County. Thousands of children were sent to a for-profit private owned institution… and the judge received monies for every kid he sent there. Directed by Robert May. Runtime: 142 minutes.

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