What’s new with BFF?

Hello everyone. Its Springtime again. Usually, the BFF team would be hard at work putting the final touches to the BFF Program, but this year is different. We’re in a reorganization mode. We’ve made some executive decisions, we are re-evaluating our options and formulating new goals. Yeah, I know that sounds a little vague. But we intend to come back stronger than ever later on in the year.

So watch this space for updates. In the meantime, enjoy some movies!

The Community Arts Center has been bringing quality films to the big screen for only 5 bucks! They are currently showing the Academy Award nominated film Philomena. Get the ticket info on their website here.

The DigiPlex Cinema Center in Williamsport is expanding to 11 screens. Workers are renovating the larger auditoriums into smaller ones. This means that more movies will be shown on more screens!

Well, that’s it for now. See ya’ in da movies!

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