Goodbye Mr. OToole.













Peter O’Toole was one of our favorite actors. We’re saddened to hear of his passing on December 14, 2013. He was 81. His last theatrical film was Venus (2006), directed by Roger Mitchell. Here’s the promo blurb from the DVD jacket: “Academy Award nominee Peter O’Toole (2006 Best Actor) leads a powerful to deliver a charming and poignant portrayal of Maurice, an aging veteran actor who becomes absolutely taken with Jessie – the grandniece of his closest friend. When Maurice tries to soften the petulant and provincial young girl with the benefit of his wisdom and London culture, their give-and-take surprises Maurice and Jessie as they discover what they don’t know about themselves.”

This film may be O’Toole’s greatest onscreen performance and that’s including his breakout role, Lawrence of Arabia (1962). Venus is an excellent exit film for a fine actor.

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