The coal town story

The James V. Brown Library will screening a film by local filmmaker Martin J. Hula tonight in its theater/meeting Lowry Room on the third floor of the new Welch wing at 6:30pm tonight Thursday November 21, 2013. The film, “Life in a Coal Mining Town, is a great piece of work,” says Shawn Newcomer of the library staff. “Highly recommended!”

From the library’s website: ”

Area resident Martin J. Hula will present his documentary memoir “Life in a Coal Town” and display his memorabilia. He will also discuss his novel “The Coal Picker.”

Coal mining has left an indelible imprint on Pennsylvania history. From the anthracite region in the east to the bituminous mines in the west, coal affected the growth of Pennsylvania’s economy, development of towns and, of course, the people who lived in them. Some may be familiar films such as The Molly Maguires and Matewan that depict the harsh realities of living in a coal mining town, but local resident Martin J. Hula lived it growing up in the western Pennsylvania town of Marstella, or Moss Creek as the residents referred to it after the nearby stream.

This stark portrayal of the hardships of the people of Moss Creek is incredibly moving and enlightening and should be seen by anyone who lives and works in Pennsylvania now. From the dangers of the mines to the tyranny of the company store, this is a tale not to be missed.”

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