More gun play in PG-13’s









Since the tragedy in Newtown Connecticut last year, Gun Control and the role, if any, that popular media contributes to gun violence has been hot topics in the news. Some observers say that there has been an uptick in gun violence in the last few years. It certainly seems that we are experiencing more mass shootings.

A new study says that movies rated as PG-13 Рthat is movies aimed at teens Рare more violent than R rated movies. So what do you think? Are young people being exposed to more gun violence in movies? If that is true, does more guns in movies make teens more aggressive? For more about the recent study by Ohio State University, VU (Vrije Universiteit) University Amsterdam in The Netherlands and the University of Pennsylvania, click here.

Coincidentally, when a crazed gunman shot up a movie theater in Aurora Colorado, the movie The Dark Knight Rises was playing. It had a PG-13 rating.

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