Gravity: The closest thing to space travel

On February 20, 1962, I was in Junior High School, when John Glenn blasted off to be the first American Astronaut to orbit the Earth. That was over 51 years ago. I doubt if I will ever get a chance to fly into outer space; to view the Earth from hundreds of miles away and to experience weightlessness. For most earthlings, space travel is just a dream. The closest thing to actually orbiting the Earth is the viewing the film Gravity by Alfonso CuarĂ³n.

Generally I am afraid of heights, but this film did NOT make me feel queasy. I was quite comfortable viewing the Earth from 600 miles up.

I saw the 3D version and I have to admit I was dodging space debris in my seat.

I was amazed by Sandra Bullock’s performance. (I had to remind myself that this was the same woman that has difficulty driving a bus on LA streets in the movie Speed.)

I really dug this movie. The cinematography was incredible, the acting was superb and the story was exceptionally well written.

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